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Thursday, April 17, 2014

I was humbled when my sorority sister, Neal, contacted me to photograph her beloved dog, Jo. Neal's request was different than any I've had in the past. Jo had recently been diagnosed with a disease that they are unable to provide much treatment for. Neal wanted to have Jo photographed while she was still feeling well and was her usual rambunctious and happy self.

I felt such a sense of honor and responsibility to capture the essence of the Esposito family's sweet JoJo. Neal's husband and baby, both named Sam, and their other cute pup, Mona, came along for the shoot as well. Our goal for the day was to let Jo play and interact with her family while I snapped away. I couldn't help but feel choked up looking through my lens at Jo love on her family.

As animal lovers, we try our best to provide a good life for our pets. I often wonder if our animals can grasp how much they become a part of our families or how greatly they enrich our lives. Most of us with pets certainly love them, but I must say, Neal and Jo have a very special bond. Their connection was very evident to me that day and left a mark on my heart.

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