Welcome! I’m Brhea.

After a recent move, we uncovered dusty boxes of family photographs dating back 50+ years. Honestly, I don’t believe a chest of family jewels could have held a candle to the feelings of nostalgia that welled up.

My father’s eyes intently studied images of his childhood. In one of my favorites, my dad was perched on my grandfather’s knee, his father looking down at him beaming with pride. What a gift to feel such connectedness to loved ones who have since passed. To see our own selves reflected back at us in the similar struggles and triumphs of our ancestors.

What I most love about photography is that it gives us the ability to hold on to a fleeting moment. It’s a vehicle that allows us a glimpse into the past.

It is my goal as an artist to give a voice to life’s occasions big and small. Sometimes those moments are beauty-filled and joyous. Oftentimes there is struggle, doubt and a longing for something greater -- but truly, hidden within the everyday, an authentically beautiful story is waiting to be told.

I'd be honored to play a small part in the telling of your story.

Behind the Name:
I put the B in B. Mae and my beautiful nieces, Madelynn, Adelaide and Eleanor -- bring the M-A-E.

Please do not crop or edit any images on this site without permission.

Wedding images posted in the portfolio section taken before 2014 were photographed and edited by me, as a second shooter for Michael Newton Photography. 

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